Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Pandora's Briefcase: 12-ounce Figgy Fizz Bottle Cap.

For those unfamiliar with the cryptic post name, a bit of background:

Much like Bert's bottle cap collection, Pandora's Briefcase has had a small space reserved within for a special something that I have searched high and low for.  I could find a number of candidates on eBay, but they were either overpriced, or postage was set astronomically high, or both! So I searched further afield, and finally found what I was looking for in what I thought was a somewhat unlikely place.


In my little world Etsy means handmade knits, arts and crafts, sewing patterns and the like. However, a google-search found what I was looking for in the Etsy shop named Savanteer . On the virtual shop-front an Announcement is displayed:
I love vintage! I love vintage books and ephemera, pottery, kitchenware, clothing and accessories, record albums and everything else under the sun. This store is very diverse, so if you have something special you are looking for, please feel free to use the shop categories section to your left.
"This store is very diverse"... diverse enough to have a 12-ounce Figgy Fizz Bottle Cap? Perhaps not. But it had something better:

Yes! Finally I have a reel of Recording Wire! (3600 feet equates to about 1.1 kilometres!)

The reel itself appears to be made of cast aluminium.

The wire is almost as fine as a human hair, and is tied to a length of plastic leader "film" for ease of winding onto the transfer reel.

The plastic leader also keeps the wire from disastrously un-spooling from its reel! 

Can anyone make out the pencil writing on the back? I'm thinking it is:
*Something* - Bee

Garden - *Something*

The service I received from the proprietor was nothing short of amazing! The postage price was more than reasonable, unlike some eBay traders who grossly inflate shipping costs, and it arrived well packaged with a personal note inside! So if you are looking for vintage books and ephemera, pottery, kitchenware, clothing and accessories, record albums and everything else under the sun, check out Savanteer! (I promised a plug, after receiving such wonderful service!


  1. Pandora's Briefcase never fails to baffle me!

  2. What, exactly, does it do and how does it work?

  3. Sorry SamCarter, the link colour wasn't particularly obvious, so I've changed it (still not happy, but it will hopefully do); look below the first image and click on Recording Wire, and prepare to be amazed!

  4. Nice. Do you know if there is anything recorded on it? Maybe a missing episode of Doctor Who?

  5. Sorry Rob for the slow reply. There is actually some faint pencil writing on the back, so I have added a scan of it to the OP. Anyone with a good CSI image-enhancer want to take a stab at it?